We're so excited for the race tomorrow!

--Important: the parking lot will be closed for the safety of our participants. Please use the side streets for parking. The drop off line will be open as normal. The parking lot will close after school starts. 
--Rainbow attire is encouraged! Or if you know you'll be standing in a certain area of the course, feel free to dress in that color.
--Volunteers, you received an email earlier today with specifics from Prairie Trail PTO. Check your junk email folder if you can't find it. (You'll also get cold water bottles, thanks to Hy-Vee!)
--If it's a light mist, we're racing! If we have thunderstorms, we'll reschedule.

Let’s make tomorrow a great event for the Prairie Trail Elementary and community!

P.S. Megan Reuther from WHO TV Channel 13 News will be in the house for opening ceremonies!

Opening ceremonies at 9 a.m. Race around 9:15 for K-2 and around 9:45 for 3-5th grades.

Jodie Lee