Mission: to foster a sense of community, raise funds for needed items, and create an engaging academic environment for the students and staff at Prairie Trail Elementary.

Important Information about Volunteering

Planning to volunteer at Prairie Trail (or any building in the district)?  Please plan ahead as you need to complete a two-step process prior to volunteering, and if you need to complete the background check, it can up to two weeks to be approved.

Step 1: Every school, every year - The volunteer handbook must be signed and turned in to the Prairie Trail office. If you have kids in other buildings, a copy must be on file at each school you plan to volunteer.

Step 2: Every five years - background check

  • If you are unsure of your last volunteer background check, please call the Prairie Trail office (515-965-9605) to confirm the date.

  • If you have completed a background check in the last five years, only Step 1 (volunteer handbook) needs to be completed.

  • Need to complete a background check? Check out the online background check system.